Trinity Bight


Welcome to Trinity Bight

Champney's Arm

Spread out along the hillside, with a picturesque coastal view, is the community of Champney's East, once known as Salmon Cove East. The homes are mostly of salt box design.

Cross over the river on the wooden bridge and you are now in Champney's Arm. Here at the mouth of the river, you will see the fishing stages of the Pippy Family. This is a magnificent view and along with other costal scenery here will make for some excellent pictures.

As you walk through Champney's Arm, take time to visit the "Little Church on the Hill." Dated 1882, the church is the same today as it was then. With no electricity, the church is still lit by lamp and heated by potbelly stove. Your visit to this little church will make you feel like you have stepped back in time.

Hiking, angling, berry-picking, bird watching and exploring the rugged, unspoiled terrain in Champney's East and Arm will offer the visitor a tranquil experience.