Trinity Bight


Welcome to Trinity Bight

Champney's West

Nestled between Breakheart Hill, Fox Island and Bennett's Point is the village of Champney's West, better known as "The Island."

The local wharf, a community meeting place, is where men gather every morning to discuss the weather or the issues. The waterfront is lined with fishing stages and boats. When you leave the wharf you go "across the Tickle" to Fox Island. On either side are stony beaches and below Fox Island is a pond, famous for being bottomless. Fox Island is approximately 243 feet high with two distinct plateaus, the lower locally known as "The Porch." The Porch has trenches, evidence of the fortifications established here in 1711 by Captain Crane.

You will be rewarded for your climb to the top with a panoramic view of beaches, hills, marine life, seabirds, iceburgs and miles of blue water. You will also get a costal view of the Horse Chops to Bonaventure Head. Truly a photographer's paradise.

When you leave Fox Island continue on to Big Beach. Here you can spot fool's gold in the rocks. Big Beach also has plenty of driftwood and seashells to offer collectors.

Approximately 15 minutes walk further along the seaside trail will take you to Quart Cove, a snug little cove set in between high cliffs. Here you can sit on the rocks and feel the peacefulness that surrounds you as you listen to the seabirds and the sounds of the ocean.