Trinity Bight


Welcome to Trinity Bight

English Harbour

Open to the sea and the northwest wind lies the picturesque settlement of English Harbour. As you walk around you'll pass salt box or peak roof homes. Stroll along the beaches and gather sea shells or driftwood. During caplin scull you can watch these small fish rolling in from the sea to English Head and get a good view of the surrounding area.

Any visit to the Bight would not be complete without a visit to the Horse Chops. Just three miles southeast of English Harbour, you can travel by car or by foot. Some sights to look for might include a rock formation that resembles a naked man, and is so named.

Also, there is Hay Cove where several boats came ashore during the Trinity Bay Disaster on February 27, 1892. The rugged coastline and the unspoiled wilderness of the Horse Chops is spectacular and will appeal to even the most seasoned traveller. Many kinds of berries can be found along the way and bright, colorful flowers are plentiful.

The Horse Chops itself has a fog horn and at one time, a light house. From the Horse Chops, on a clear day, one can see to the other side of Trinity Bay and as far Baccalieu Island. The waters around the Chops are alive with whales, birds, marine life and monstrous icebergs.