Trinity Bight


Welcome to Trinity Bight

Goose Cove

Situated between Dunfield and Trinity is the community of Goose Cove. The community's natural scenery is beyond compare.

At the entrance to the community drive up Breakheart Hill to look out on Goose Cove. Enjoy the natural beauty of Doctor's Point, jutting out into the bay. The view from the lookout is undoubtedly one you will not forget.

The railway had a train track that used to run through Goose Cove. Although the actual track has been removed, the path provides a leisurely scroll which ends up at the Trinity Train Loop. Look out for moose as they have often been sited at various points along the trail. From the Loop you can hike out to the "Shivers".

Used mostly for berry picking in season, the path may be difficult to follow and it is advised to tour with a guide. While hiking the area, take a trip to Indian Falls. Located further along the road, past the Trinity intersection, it is visible from the road. Follow the river for only a couple of minutes to find yourself at the foot of the falls.