Trinity Bight


Welcome to Trinity Bight

Old Bonaventure

Around the corner from New Bonaventure lies the community of Old Bonaventure.

Overlooking the harbour is a lovely wooden church, St. Luke's, that was established in 1892.

While visiting, take advantage of the scenic hikes and trails to Ragged Rock Cove, approximately a half day hike. The terrain is rocky over hills and bogs, passing several ponds along the way; the entire walk offers spectacular viewpoints of the community and is truly a photographer's dream. Bring your binoculars and look out over the nesting grounds of the bald eagles.

The trail to Cat Cove is in good condition, being grassy and open. Once there, the view is breathtaking. The ocean seems endless, looking out across the water. Take a swim in the Bay or relax on the beach.