Trinity Bight


Welcome to Trinity Bight

Trinity East

True Newfoundland hospitality and a warm welcome will greet you on your visit to the scenic village of Trinity East.

St. Andrew's Anglican Church welcomes you from its hilltop as you enter the small community. Built in 1981 to replace the original wooden structure that was destroyed by fire, its stained glass windows were rescued from the Church in British Harbour.

The architecture in Trinity East is a mixture of older peak roofs, salt box and modern design. At the Fowlow home, one can still see a slate roof, once very common to the area but now very rare.

Continue on your walk to the north side and see the home nestled around the waterfront in a snug cove. A well-worn seaside trail will take you to "The Trussle," a beautiful waterfall where fresh inland water meets the salty sea. Sandy beaches and unspoiled wilderness all make for a very picturesque scene, so why not bring a picnic basket and stay for a while.

For a magnificent view of Trinity East and surrounding area, hike to the top of "Brown's Lookout." Here you will see a cannon from the 1700's when the area was fortified.

While in Trinity East, make a point of hiking the well-groomed country trail lined with wildflowers to Farm Pond. This pond, like others in the area, is inhabited by pan size trout, so stop and try your hand at it. Continue on this trail to breathtaking Sam White's Cove.

Here one can observe a variety of sea birds that frequent our shores. At times icebergs, eagles, whales and other marine life can be seen. As you walk along the beaches, notice the dark cliffs and listen to the waves crashing upon the shore.